Tuesday, July 21, 2009

what the reason i blogging?

10. Because you stopped learning anything new a couple years ago and it’s about time you started again.(do you believe it, my 13 yrs old sister already own her blog )

Because this is how you are going to learn in the future.

8. Because no one really wants to read what you have to say.(sob..sob..)

Because you don’t have your priorities straight so you lack the time to read blogs much less write a blog. (my working hour is killing me)

6. Because it will change your life. (i heard that someone be a rich bcause of blogging. is that true?)

Because i’ll hook up all over the place(travelman~!)

4. Because learning is conversation and that blogging lets i have more and better conversations.(ym suda..)

3. To show all how cool you are.(am i cool??)

2. Because “I know some people that would get nothing out of blogging"(joe-"ek eleh..gedik gile men2 blog ni")

1. Because my "ayien" have a deeper understanding of this tools than i did

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